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Hands-on help transforming & growing emerging growth technology companies - & realizing gains



We find that often, after the initial flush of enthusiasm and excitement, new technology businesses can hit a ‘brick wall’. The founder is swallowed up in day–to-day affairs, there is inadequate funding, selling becomes more of a challenge… a host of issues start to bear down and, what was once a passion starts to become a burden with banks becoming increasingly concerned, shareholders anxious and combative, customers hard to come by.  In these situations, doing more of the same just digs the hole deeper and too often the business fails.


Other times, while the business may be ‘chugging along’ it cannot grow or grow rapidly enough to realize the early dreams and expectations of shareholders and stakeholders.


In these situations, Wattco provides a lifeline by adding proven top management resources to the business who will work, hands-on, with the management team to renew strategy, improve marketing and energize sales execution, raise new money, underpin growth and ultimately help shareholders & management to harvest the gains earned from financial & sweat equity.

Wattco understands the value of cash in the early stages of a business and will tailor fees to recognize this, willing to work with a win-win structure whereby Wattco only benefits if the Company is successful, in particular aligning primary compensation to the shareholders’ goals via equity participation instead of expensive, cash burning consulting fees.








While every situation is unique and our approach will reflect that, we will initially spend time with top management to understand the business situation and, working with them, help renew and refine the strategy of the company.  Our fundamental premise is that without a clear understanding of your unique selling proposition focused on a meaningful & available opportunity you may fail & cannot realize the full value inherent in the business.


Normally, we then will build a comprehensive five-year business plan and financial model, with management involvement, which we will jointly use to establish an appropriate game plan.


If this requires additional funding, and it often does, we will undertake a fund-raising programme using our network and others.  We will lead the process, putting Wattco personnel into acting functional roles as necessary to strengthen the capability of the business to assure new and existing investors of the Company’s ability to deliver.


At some point, some or all shareholders will want to crystalize their gains. This may be by identifying individual investors who wish to buy out shareholders or it could be through a trade sale or even an initial public offering.  Wattco will work with the company to make this happen.



Wattco’s partners are technology industry veterans with a strong track record of turning around failing situations, growing businesses organically and by acquisition and exiting through trade sale or IPO.


Linked In quote: 

“I consider his leadership, team building, and organizational development skills second to none."


DAVID CAIRNS OF FINAVON has more than 30 years of experience in building a variety of software and hardware technology businesses - from start-up to multi-billion dollar capitalization public companies.  He is an MBA (Cranfield, UK), a Fellow of two accounting bodies and has held Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO positions in large and small businesses.

He is an entrepreneur himself having started, grown & sold his own companies; he has rescued failing businesses, helped grow small and large businesses. In transactions worth getting on for $1Billion, he has bought from, and sold companies to, the likes of Oracle and IBM & taken companies public on NASDAQ and European exchanges with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as underwriters. 


A hands-on manager, he is a demonstrated leader with international credentials.


Linked In quote:
“A professional in every sense of the word. He is outstanding at motivating people and creating a sense of enthusiasm for success."


RICHARD COOK is an entrepreneurial executive with over 30 years of experience and expertise in sales (IBM), business development, and senior management roles in the technology sector.  A demonstrated sales/organization leader, he has led companies ranging in size from $2 million to $60 million in revenues.


He has worked in large and small enterprise software and hardware companies in sales and senior management roles and, over the course of his career, he has sold or led the sale of more than $350 million of technology solutions, mostly from smaller, emerging growth companies to major corporations in North America and Europe. He has demonstrated an ability to identify, get in front of decision-makers and close the sale time and time again.

Richard is bilingual (English/French), he has lived and worked in England, Germany, France, and the U.S.A.

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