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We are Energy Management Integration Experts. We help Class A energy consumers in the Ontario market reduce and eliminate their energy costs and global adjustment charge. 


The rapid march of technology is creating tremendous opportunity particularly for businesses in the cold storage, tier I and II automotive manufacturing and greenhouse industries to make substantial savings while also making a positive environmental impact.



To help Commercial and Industrial customers become energy independent and cut energy costs by up to 70% by integrating renewable energy generation with innovative energy storage and software systems.

We build relationships with our customers to determine the best energy management solution for their application. Our team focuses on superior client services, supporting our customer's energy independence transition at all stages with professionalism and priority responsiveness.




"Having spent the past ten years advising and consulting to companies in the cleantech, energy efficiency, and asset optimization industries, I saw an opportunity to help commercial and industrial clients cut energy costs and make a positive environmental impact."

Richard Cook

Founder & President

Wattco Inc.​

Committed to doing what we say we will do.


Ontario has seen an increase of 84.7% in energy costs over the past ten years. Though demand for electricity in Ontario has declined since 2008, due to the recession and decline in manufacturing, overall energy costs continue to rise due to billions being spent by the government to fund unnecessary nuclear plant upgrades, expansion of transmission and distribution system, long-term energy contracts and clean-tech programs.

At the same time, today’s electrical utility looks much like the mainframe computing world of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Distributed processing, big data, the internet, and cloud computing have radically altered the way we compute. Distributed energy resources, renewable generation, energy storage technologies, software and the internet, are definitively changing the electrical grid. ​​


Global warming and the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere, already the greatest risk to humanity, are soon to have an additional negative effect on the bottom line! Carbon taxes currently at $10 per ton will rise to 450 per ton by 2022. Energy costs are expected to rise by 5% per annum for the foreseeable future.